…What people are saying about our services…


We saw the wedding video this weekend. It was truly wonderful. We are extremely pleased with your work. It was exactly what we were hoping for. I loved the special effects you sued and thought the music you chose was perfect. It was wonderful to hear the speeches again. Bonnie and Daniel were thrilled with it. We all were. It will give my family who were unable to attend the wedding a chance to experience it the way we did. For that alone, I can’t thank you enough.

Thank you again. We were very, very pleased with your work.

Good luck with your business.



I have to tell you that you two had such a calming presence on our wedding day, and for that I am truly grateful. Events like weddings always have a hectic heir about them, but you two both sincerely made me enjoy my day.

You were sincere about wanting to be there and I appreciate that probably more than you know. You two went above and beyond to make our day great.

Thank you so much.

…Jackie and David V

Hi Robert…

WOW!!! The video was so perfect… and when we saw the video, you took us back to relieve our wedding day. It’s like that day was happening all over again because we felt the same emotions that we felt during that day.

You captured all the perfect moments that were so special to us and now we can relieve those moments time and time again! The time, detail, and effort that was put into our video left us SPEECHLESS….and there are no words to describe how amazing the video came out!!!

Lots of Love,

…Roman and Pricilla H


Words cannot express how much we love our wedding video! It is a beautiful account of our wedding from the rehearsal to the reception, you managed to capture every detail. It was priceless to be able to relive those moments again. Your music selection, editing and special touches make it more than a wedding video, it is an artistic documentary of the start of our lives together.

Thanks to you, we will be able to share our special day with generation of our family to come! Again, thank you for your time and talent, All the best for continued success!


Devon and Erica D


I will always be grateful for your services. The memories of that day with our loved ones present will forever be cherished and will live on forever. Never could we have captured the moment as you did. Great job!

Janet M


Thank you so much for the wonderful video. You did a wonderful¬†job and I am so happy to have such a great memory of my wedding. It’s like watching a movie. You created an entire story of the most memorable moment of my life. Thank YOU!

Jennifer K. D